Steven Choquette
"Even though you host a few domains for me, helping me make a decision for a
domain not hosted with you shows how you are willing to go the extra mile
for your clients." ...
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Lachelle Yoder
"When we transferred our website over to their service, it was perfectly seamless." ... read more

John Orsini
"Thank you for all of your hard work in designing and getting my site up and running." ... read more

Mike Ness
"Her professional approach is not only a reflection upon the company, but the persons who make it successful." ... read more

Robert Meadows
"I've had positive results from day one. I would not hesitate to follow them wherever they go, as I have after leaving Hosting.com to go to 866GetHost.com" ...read more

What Clients are Saying:

"My recent experiences proved to me that they are committed to my individual goals, custom needs and personality. I have been made to feel like a partner and not just one of many customers" - William Nicholson, Ontario

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"When I switched web hosting companies, they handled the entire process for me. It was completely seamless, just as they said it would be" - Janet Bird,
Calgary, AB

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"Thanks again for all of your help today. We appreciate the personal attention you give to your clients. Have a great day" - Jodi Thurman, Rhode Island, NY