Thankfully I've decided to stay with a Unix solution. The re-engineering
will cost 66% of the original work and add 2 weeks to the delivery but it's
the best solution considering the options.

I really have to thank you for all the information you provided. Even
though you host a few domains for me, helping me make a decision for a
domain not hosted with you shows how you are willing to go the extra mile
for your clients. This is one of the reasons we've, Brin and I, always liked
dealing with you.

Hopefully I can return the loyalty by convincing her to move the company
site to your servers. Once we've stabalized the changes to the web site, I
am going to push for this.

Feel free to share this with you "supervisor" should one exist. This was
definitely a "gold star" thing from my point of view.

Steve Choquette
IT/IS & Web
Always Travel Inc

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