To my friends in business,

Once in a while a new business relationship comes along that completely exceeds your expectations. As you are aware of my standards, you will obviously receive this referral with complete sincerity.

In today’s e-business world there is an abundance of “solutions” companies in which to choose and I have dealt with my share of the leaders. Many of these experiences were satisfactory while others were more than frustrating - to say the least. I know that we have all put up with poor customer support, slow service and lack of attention to our unique needs.

I have awarded my entire online asp service to 866GetHost.com and I highly suggest that you do too. Our company promises to increase your sales - my business development suggestion for you is that you contact Darren or Karen (solutions@866GetHost.com) and discover how they can
enhance your online environment. Why?

1. Individuality: My recent experiences with 866GetHost.com proved to me that they are committed to my individual goals, custom needs and personality. I have been made to feel like a partner and not just one of many customers. I recommend that both amateur web hobbyists and sophisticated e-business professionals bring their web operations to 866GetHost.com!

2. Efficiency: I am a do-it-now person. When working with my new “partners” at
866GetHost.com they have matched my energy and helped to successfully hit deadline goals. This separates them from the crowd.

3. Performance: It is rare that you can find a company that provides both high level technical performance and simultaneously deliver custom client care. Karen and Darren are a combination that you want performing for you.

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial. It is refreshing to have found such an impressive company with which to work. If you would like to ask me further questions about my experience as a customer with 866GetHost.com, I would be happy to respond.

William Nicholson

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