Secure Server (SSL Technology)

Is your website secure for e-commerce? How about the html pages and forms on your site where you are collecting personal and sensitive information from your clients, such as Credit Card details?

Do you know what SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is, and how you can use it to provide the online security your customers demand?

The team at is committed to ensuring your data is secure. We have gone the extra mile, not only with our Hosting servers, but also in the area of SSL technology.

Our Shared Secure Server (SSL) provides you with an area to publish any confidential or sensitive data collection, html pages or scripts. We highly recommend using the Secure Form Processing script for the collection of any Confidential Personal data such as Credit Card information. The form processing area of your SSL Server allows your clients to submit via a form, knowing that it is secure and protected. All the programming code used, is encrypted and stored directly on the SSL Server.

Clients hosting with us, have access to use SSL Technology. If you need SSL, contact us!




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